Pej Behdarvand


Born in Tehran, Pej moved to Hollywood, California at the very impressionable age of 4 years with his freethinking parents and a stylish older sister. Hippies, Motown, Afros, greasy burger stands, and fast cars provided him with his first introduction to an alien culture. His globe, LIFE and L’Officiel magazines, and love of music nurtured his imagination and cravings for new experiences during his teenage years.
With the desire for exploration, he entered college to study international relations, but was quickly sidetracked by a class in filmmaking. Pej started to show his movies domestically at festivals while still studying film at San Francisco Art Institute where he received his B.F.A. After earning his degree he found himself assisting a photographer and was charmed by the simplicity and immediate intimacy that the craft of photography offered. His first portfolio pieces landed him into the American Photography Annual as well as initiating his career in commercial photography.
Today, whether it is a celebrity in Los Angeles, a bodybuilder in Africa, or the beauty of the night anywhere and everywhere, Pej finds himself not only to be very fortunate to photograph a variety of subjects, but also to have received recognition from the photographic community for both his commercial and personal work.
Pej is always eager to collaborate with talented people who want to send him off into a new direction.