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Recognition & Honors
2014 American Photography Annual 30
2013 BINGWA, Drkrm Gallery, Los Angeles - solo exhibition
2011 I HAVE THE RIGHT, Picture Art Foundation, Los Angeles - group exhibition
2011 THE LOS ANGELES COLLECTION, Duncan Miller Gallery, Los Angeles - group exhibition
2011 THE LOS ANGELES COLLECTION, International Pink Art Fair, Seoul, Korea - group exhibition
2011 DREAMING CALIFORNIA, Drkrm Gallery, Los Angeles, CA - solo exhibition
2011 Communication Arts Annual 52
2011 American Photography Annual 27
2011 HUMAN+BEING, Center For Fine Art Photography - online exhibition
2010 DVAPHOTO.COM, Online interview
2010 FUTURESPECTIVES, FotoGrafia, Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Roma
2010 Berenice Abbott Prize, Honorable Mention
2009 Los Angeles Sight, DAC Gallery, Los Angeles - group exhibition
2009 Prix de la Photographie Paris, Honorable Mention
2008 American Photography Annual 24
2006 International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention
2001 American Photography Annual 17
1999 American Photography Annual 15
1998 Communication Arts Photography Annual 39
1997 Communication Arts Photography Annual 38
1996 American Photography Annual 12
1995 American Photography Annual 11